Plenary Session: Uncertainty in Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Tuesday, July 4

The medical field is flooded more and more with prediction models based on artificial intelligence (AI). Researchers, healthcare professionals, and patients are challenged to understand the opportunities as well as the limitations of AI-based predictions. In his presentation, Dr. Van Smeden will show how we can critically appraise the development, testing, and implementation of AI-based prediction models, especially regarding the uncertainty of the output of such models.
After the presentation, Dr. Geert-Jan Geersing will reflect on the challenges of using artificial intelligence tools from the perspective of a general practitioner. He will elaborate on how AI-based tools could be helpful, but also a potential burden when navigating diagnostic uncertainty during busy clinical encounters in primary care; hereto, he will use clinical and research examples from the field of cardiovascular and thrombotic disease.
This session has the following learning objectives:

  • Learn about important limitations of AI-based predictions model
  • Learn how the development of AI-based prediction models can be critically appraised
  • Learn how uncertainty in AI-based prediction models is generated and how we can deal with it


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    Maarten van Smeden

    Maarten van Smeden, Professor, PhD

    Medical statistician
    Associate professor of epidemiologic methods
    Head of methodology research program and the biostatistics group
    Julius Center for Health Sciences and Primary Care
    UMC Utrecht, Netherlands

    Professor van Smeden's work has resulted in publications in well-renowned journals in the field of medical statistics (e.g. Statistics in Medicine), epidemiology (e.g. American journal of Epidemiology), and general medicine (e.g. BMJ). As a collaborator, he has also contributed to implementing advanced methodology in a variety of disciplines (e.g. cardiology, infectious diseases, general practice). He is also associate editor at the European Heart Journal and Diagnostic and Prognostic Research (BMC journals) and has been involved in the development and validation of numerous diagnostic and prognostic prediction models.

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    Geert Jan Geersing

    Geert-Jan Geersing, PhD, MD

    Associate Professor
    Julius Center for Health Sciences and Primary Care
    Deptartment of General Practice and Nursing Science
    University Medical Center Utrecht
    Utrecht University
    the Netherlands

    Dr. Geert-Jan Geersing is an academic (actively practicing) general practitioner with a strong background in community based cardiovascular healthcare innovation research with a particular focus on atrial fibrillation management and antithrombotic treatment. He has led and leads as a PI a number of projects, mostly funded by the Dutch Research Council and the Dutch Heart Foundation, including two prestigious personal grants (Veni 2015, Vidi 2019). He is a laureate of the first selection round of Future Leaders in the cardiovascular field from the Dutch CardioVascular Alliance (DCVA). Dr. Geersing is co-author of a number of guidelines on the management of cardiovascular disease, both on a national level (Dutch College of General Practitioners) and an international level (European Society of Cardiology, American College of Chest Physicians).