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Program Objectives

Conference Impact

This European bi-annual conference will attract practicing healthcare providers of all specialties engaged in diagnosis, and other members of the diagnostic team, including physicians, residents and medical students, nurses, nurse practitioners, and patients and their family.  Also included are prominent researchers, educators, healthcare leaders, risk managers, and policymakers. This event will bring together more than 150 members of a diagnostic team engaged in providing clinical care, research, or education.

Program Objectives

By the end of this conference, you will be able to:

  • Discuss theory-based practical strategies for teaching about uncertainty in the clinical learning environment and the role that learner perception of the learning environment plays in their perceptions of and comfort with uncertainty.
  • Identify strategies to create safe and effective shared diagnostic decision-making between clinicians and patients.
  • Discuss the role of diagnostic excellence in risk management.
  • Describe how artificial intelligence in medicine can be developed and used in a responsible way.
  • Demonstrate finding the balance between overdiagnosis and underdiagnosis through diagnostic reasoning in the context of a clinical case.
  • Explain how diagnostic safety research can impact policies and clinical practice in diverse health care settings.