Plenary Workshop: Clinical Reasoning on Stage

Monday, July 3

This session will focus on demonstrating diagnostic reasoning in the context of a clinical case. Faculty discussants, in partnership with the audience, will work through a challenging case to highlight the challenges and opportunities that arise when navigating the diagnostic process.

The session has the following learning objectives:

  1. Observe and reflect upon strategies clinicians use when presented with a challenging case
  2. Compare and contrast approaches to diagnosis as a case evolves
  3. Identify how clinicians can collaborate as a diagnostic team
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    Andrew Olson, MD

    Andrew Olson, MD

    Associate Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics
    University of Minnesota
    Minneapolis, MN

    Dr. Andrew Olson is an Associate Professor of Medicine and Pediatrics at the University of Minnesota Medical School, where he practices hospital medicine and pediatrics. He serves as the founding Director of the Division of Hospital Medicine within the Department of Medicine.  Dr. Olson presently serves as the Director of Medical Education Research and Innovation in the Medical Education Outcomes Center, focusing on linking education with clinical and workforce outcomes. Dr. Olson's academic work focuses on the nature and development of clinical reasoning  as well as methods to measure and decrease diagnostic error.

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    Taro Shimizu

    Taro Shimizu, MD, PhD, MSc, MPH, MBA, FACP

    Professor and Chairman
    Department of Diagnostic and Generalist medicine
    Tochigi, Japan

    Taro Shimizu, MD, PhD, MSc, MPH, MBA, FACP is a Professor at the Department of Diagnostic and Generalist Medicine of Dokkyo Medical University in Japan. Dr. Shimizu is considered one of the most highly skilled diagnosticians renowned for his expertise in Japan. Dr. Shimizu has dedicated himself to patients with many diagnostically challenging situations. He has also contributed to the education of young physicians by accepting case challenges as an invited discussant more than 100 times annually at many teaching hospitals across Japan and abroad over 10 years. He has been pioneering research on formalizing the physicians’ diagnostic thinking process (collectively called Diagnostic Strategy) and has published books as a single author as well as over 150 peer-reviewed publications regarding diagnosis. He leads Japan’s diagnostic excellence as the head of the Japanese Diagnostic Excellence team (JDX). In February 2023, he organized and chaired the first Diagnostic Excellence conference in Japan, which gathered 1,400+ attendees.