Plenary Session: Making Diagnostics More Evidence Based: Who's in Charge?

Monday, July 3

With a focus on the national implementation of “appropriate care", this session will discuss the role of diagnostic excellence and risk management in this concept and the challenges of large-scale implementation of “appropriate diagnostics.”

This session has the following learning objectives:

  1. Understand the challenges in (diagnostic) healthcare for a sustainable future.
  2. Understand the role of various actors in diagnostics with regards to appropriate care and healthcare evaluation.
  3. Understand how Dutch healthcare policy operates to make diagnostics and treatment more evidence-based.
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    Sjoerd Repping

    Sjoerd Repping, PhD

    Biomedical scientist and clinical embryologist and professor in ‘zinnige zorg; (EBM/Value based healthecare/perspective ‘choosing wisely)
    Amsterdam University Medical Center and Zorginstituut Nederland (Dutch Healthcare Institute)

    Sjoerd Repping is professor of Appropriate Care at the Amsterdam University Medical Centers and chair of the Healthcare Evaluation and Appropriate Use program. Originally trained as a clinical embryologist, Sjoerd has focused his career in the past decade on how to ensure that medical care is evidence based. He currently runs a national program in which patients, doctors, nurses, hospitals, insurers and the national government collaborate to make healthcare evaluation and appropriate use an integral part of medical care in the Netherlands.