Laura Zwaan, PhD
Assistant Professor
Erasmus MC
Institute of Medicinal Education Research Rotterdam (iMERR)
Rotterdam, The Netherlands
Laura Zwaan, PhD

Laura Zwaan, PhD is an Assistant Professor at the Institute of Medical Education Research Rotterdam (iMERR) of the Erasmus MC in Rotterdam. She is a cognitive psychologist and epidemiologist who dedicates her career to understanding and improving the diagnostic process. She is committed to create awareness for the topic of diagnostic error in medicine. Laura initiated the European Diagnostic Error in Medicine conferences and was the main organizer and chair of the 1st European conference in Rotterdam in 2016 and the co-chair for the conference in Bern, Switzerland (2018). Dr. Zwaan is an active member of the Society to Improve Diagnosis in Medicine (SIDM) and has been on the scientific committee for the Diagnostic Error in Medicine conferences for 8 years (2011-2018) and she served as the chair of the SIDM research committee (2015-2017).