Jean-Luc Tilly
Program Manager in Health Care Ratings
The Leapfrog Group
Washington, DC
Jean-Luc Tilly

Jean-Luc Tilly joined The Leapfrog Group in 2020 and works directly with experts and stakeholders to identify new opportunities for measurement and coordinates activities of Leapfrog’s public reporting and rating programs. At Leapfrog, Jean-Luc co-leads the Recognizing Excellence in Diagnosis program funded by the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation. The program recommends practices hospitals can adopt to improve diagnostic quality and safety, eventually leading to a publicly reporting dataset on hospital performance in diagnostic safety and quality to engage consumers and purchasers and foster meaningful accountability for hospitals. Jean-Luc currently co-leads the Patient Expert Panel, identifying new measurement opportunities in hospital billing practices and the informed consent process. He also provides technical assistance to hospitals and health systems around the country working to implement Leapfrog’s standards. Before joining Leapfrog, Jean-Luc served for over four years as a Senior Project Manager at the National Quality Forum, focusing on NQF’s project to improve diagnostic safety and quality, NQF’s Measure Applications Partnership with CMS to add new measures to federal reporting programs, and NQF’s Measure Selection Tool (MSeT). Earlier, Jean-Luc worked on the 2014 edition of AARP’s Long-Term Services and Supports Scorecard, and with the Center to Champion Nursing in America. He earned his Master’s in Public Administration from George Washington University in 2019.