Georgios Lyratzopoulos, MD
Professor of Cancer Epidemiology
Epidemiology of Cancer Healthcare & Outcomes (ECHO)
University College London (UCL)
Georgios Lyratzopoulos, MD, FFPH, FRCP, MPH, DTM&H

Lyratzopoulos is a healthcare epidemiologist and population health scientist. His research aims to contribute to global efforts to control the increasing burden of neoplastic disease, by examining potentially avoidable delays in the diagnosis of symptomatic patients with underlying (as-yet-undiagnosed) cancer, and the understanding of responsible mechanisms; disparities in cancer diagnosis; organisational and international variations in cancer pathways to diagnsosis using population-based, linked cancer registry and administrative data; the examination of cancer patient experience and related disparities in patient survey data focusing on experience of diagnostic testing. He has a background in quantitative health services research, healthcare technology assessment, public health, and clinical (internal) medicine.  Empirical or conceptual work that he has led as first or last author is cited in reports by the WHO (WHO working party on the Global Burden of Diagnostic Errors in Primary Care, 2016); WHO report on 'Cancer: Setting Priorities, Investing Wisely, and Providing Care for All, 2018); the U.S. Institute of Medicine (Improving Diagnosis in Health Care, 2015); the Lancet Oncology Commission "The Expanding Role of Primary Care in Cancer Control" (2015);   the National Cancer Strategy for England 2015-2020 (Achieving World-Class Cancer Outcomes); the 'State of the Nation' report on Cancer in the UK (2018), the Cancer Research UK Early Detection and Diagnosis of Cancer Roadmap (2020) and the cancer disparities report Cancer in the UK 2020: Socio-economic deprivation’ (2020). In 2016, he was awarded the Cancer Research UK 'Future Leaders' Prize. To Feb 2023, he has authored 227 publications, being the first or the last author in 129 (57%) of these papers.