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Why Attend

There’s no denying that Covid has thrown us all, but we remain committed to working towards a common goal of Diagnostic Excellence. We are excited to, once again, meet in person for SIDM's 15th Annual Conference, SIDM2022.

You don’t want to miss this opportunity to engage with patients, researchers, physicians, nurses and other healthcare professionals, graduate, and post-graduate students, as well as representatives of for-profit and non-profit organizations, research institutions, and government agencies. 

Five Reasons to Attend

Engage with Like-Minded People

SIDM2022 brings together top leaders in the field of Diagnostic Excellence. Expect clinical content like you’ve never seen before and practical actions to implement. You will have the opportunity to discuss the most pressing issues facing leaders and attendees working on the common goal of improving diagnosis.

Connect with Thought-Leaders

Connect and engage with thought-leaders who are committed to diagnostic safety and eliminating preventable harm. Thought-leaders will present ethical, business, and community cases for addressing diagnostic excellence consistently and will also showcase anticipated developments in the fields of diagnostic technology, quality, and safety while continuing to explore how disparities and inequalities contribute to misdiagnosis and diagnostic delays.

Gain Insights into Cutting-edge Research

We will discuss diagnosis, the role of reasoning in the process, challenges to diagnostic effectiveness, and strategies to make diagnosis more reliable, such as patient engagement, new clinical research, and the use of technology. Researchers and those on the frontlines will present new insights and findings in developing internal processes to build optimized models and much more.

SIDM Awards
Attend the 1st Annual SIDM Awards

The 1st Annual SIDM Awards will recognize and celebrate researchers, patient advocates and other prominent leaders in the field for their exceptional advancement and commitment to diagnostic safety, quality and technology.

Inspiration to Improve Diagnosis

You are guaranteed engaging discussions that bring diverse opinions under the common goal of advancing and improving the future of Diagnostic Excellence. Take part in unparalleled networking opportunities that will leave you walking away inspired and armed with strategies, new connections, and innovative ideas to move Diagnosis Excellence forward.