Vadim Dukhanin, MD, MHS

Vadim Dukhanin
Assistant Scientist
Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health
Baltimore, MD
Vadim Dukhanin, MD, MHS

Vadim Dukhanin, MD, MHS is an Assistant Scientist at the Department of Health Policy & Management, Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health. Vadim is passionate about authentic patient engagement in healthcare, including meaningful patient and public voices in healthcare priority-setting and resource allocation, patient-reported outcome and experience measures, and strategies to more actively and effectively engage care partners in care delivery through shared access to patient portals. Vadim is a co-investigator on the Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation(GBMF)-funded project "Developing a Patient-Reported Measure Set of Diagnostic Excellence" that tests a questionnaire for patients and their care partners to report their perspective of diagnostic excellence of a recent emergency department or urgent care facility visit. Vadim was also a co-investigator on GBMF-funded project "Patient-Reported Measures for Driving Diagnostic Excellence" that crafted a set of Roadmaps illustrating and guiding the development of goals and metrics that can be achieved with patient-reported measures of diagnostic excellence. Finally, Vadim was a co-investigator on the SIDM's co-funded project "Exploring and Addressing Diagnostic Error Disparities Related to Cognitive Reasoning Pitfalls" where the partnership between patients and researchers co-developed solutions to address diagnostic disparities that are currently being disseminated for implementation and tailoring.