Carole Motycka-Mancini

Carole Motycka-Mancini
Patient Experience Expert
Survivor Stage IV Colorectal Cancer/Care Partner to Mike Mancini Stage IV Cancer patient
Carole Motycka-Mancini

Carole Motycka is a Stage IV Colorectal Cancer and Living Donor Liver transplant survivor. Motycka is the mother of 4 sons, she is originally from Ohio and attended The Ohio State University. She currently resides in Connecticut and is a middle school special education teacher. She is a co-founder of BLUEM and she currently serves as the CEO.

Carole is active with Fight CRC where she served as a 2020-21 Ambassador and is a  mentor/facilitator for their Call-On-Congress legislative advocacy event and created The Mike Mancini HERO Program with the organization.  She serves on the board of The Colon Club, whom she represented as a 2020 OneTheRISE Magazine survivor model. She also serves as an ambassador for The Global Colon Cancer Associations 2021-2022 Hereditary/Biomarker program. Carole has served on patient advisory panels for both Pfizer and Bayer and she is a member of the Pfizer Early-Onset Colorectal Cancer and Cachexia Advisory council. She is also a member of the Edward J. DeBartolo Young-Onset Colorectal cancer patient advisory board at The Cleveland Clinic.  Her specialties are connecting and advocation on behalf of current patients for equity in access to opportunities, education, and prevention.  She has strong connections to patient advocacy organizations and continues to build relationships to create better outcomes for those who are diagnosed especially in the EAO(Y)-CRC group. She speaks of her experiences publicly and shares her story openly to save lives by raising awareness for early age diagnosis and breaking down barriers to access to care and health equity for all patients.